Libra Full Moon T-Square 31st March 2018 13.36. Lose the battle, win the war.

Friday 30th March 2018

The ruler of this mighty lunation is Mars. Wilful, headstrong, act-now-think-later Mars. He is currently in the Sign of Capricorn - exalted there no less, and pared up with the ruler of this sign, Saturn. Mature, steady, responsible Saturn. "Cool your boots" says he to…

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A conversation on compassion

Sunday 4th March 2018

Compassion noun 1. A feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. As with anyone born in this current timeframe, I have a lot going on in Pisces. My zero-degree sun, nadir,…

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A Saturn in Capricorn winter. Colder, Harder, Longer, Stronger.

Friday 2nd March 2018

The dark one is in his element you see. Every 29 years Saturn returns to wintry Capricorn. His job, (and he loves to work), is to test. A kind of cosmic resistance trainer for our spiritual muscle. Pushing us for more. Forcing us to better ourselves. To…

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February first quarter moon - Too much of a good thing?

Friday 23rd February 2018

The square aspect in astrology (1 planet creating a 90 degree angle to another) is known for creating tension. Challenge. Irritation. In my opinion wrongly considered a 'bad' or undesirable connection. Of course, none of us actually enjoys feeling irritated, but sometimes that's the best…

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A heart as deep as the Ocean. Venus Enters Pisces 10th February 2018

Friday 9th February 2018

Tonight, Venus ingresses the sign of Pisces - the sign of her exaltation, where she remains until March 6th. Without doubt the most selfless, poetic, romantic and compassionate kind of love is expressed in this part of the sky. I feel as though she should…

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Square pegs in round (Dragon) holes. The time between eclipses. February 7th 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018

We often hear the term to get 'centred'. That feeling of being in perfect balance and harmony is a very worthwhile goal indeed. It's coming home - home to our innate sense of peace and calm within - but as with all journeys, If it's…

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Winter Solstice 2017. Bread of Heaven.

Tuesday 19th December 2017

Art - 'Galactic Centre' by local artist Andy Juan (see below) Theme: A party at the Galactic Centre! Saturn, Sun, Moon and Venus in the late degrees of Sagittarius. Trine Uranus in Aries. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius. Saturn has taken us on a trip far from…

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The Gemini Full Supermoon – We need to talk.December 3rd 3.46pm (UK)

Wednesday 29th November 2017

If you listen to cosmic dialogue as I do, you will know that there is always something being said. A message trying to get to you. A lifelong song that is being simultaneously composed and performed just for you to accompany you on your…

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The Scorpio new moon - Let go and let God.

Thursday 16th November 2017

The wisdom of astrology so often blows me away. Take for instance the order of the signs as we move through the zodiac. There is nothing random here - the gifts of each sign build on the last in a beautifully choreographed dance of…

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Lunar Circle Launches!

Wednesday 8th November 2017

Much love and gratitude to all those who attended the first meeting of the Jupiter Returns Lunar Circle! It was a beautiful time getting to know ourselves and each other, and this is something that through our exploration and learning will continue to grow. Special thank and…

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Samhain and the Supermoon

Tuesday 31st October 2017

The trees may be showering us in their beautifully coloured confetti, the morning air crisp against autumns azure skies, but this Friday/Saturdays Taurus super full moon has a bursting ripeness of spring to it - as though it were pregnant with possibility. Mother moon, swollen…

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The Sky God in the Serpents Lair – Jupiter enters Scorpio 10th October 2017

Tuesday 10th October 2017

They say behind every successful man is a woman. Perhaps this explains why Jupiter has no less than 69 moons! Never one to do things small scale - Zeus, the Guru, the truth-seeker, call him what you will, the big benefics' modus operandi…

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