Libra Full Moon T-Square 31st March 2018 13.36.  Lose the battle, win the war.

Libra Full Moon T-Square 31st March 2018 13.36. Lose the battle, win the war.

Friday 30th March 2018

The ruler of this mighty lunation is Mars. Wilful, headstrong, act-now-think-later Mars. He is currently in the Sign of Capricorn - exalted there no less, and pared up with the ruler of this sign, Saturn. Mature, steady, responsible Saturn. "Cool your boots" says he to the young warrior. "I can show you a way to not just get what you want but keep it". This is the energy of motivated strategy and endurance combined - The long game. The bigger prize.

Together they turn an ordinary opposition, (always sun opposite moon at the full moon), into an aspect known as a T-Square. An altogether more intense experience. As they join the opposition with two square aspects. A culmination of a situation outside of us that pushes up to the surface the inner work we need to address. The irritations we have going on inside ourselves, that turn us into our own worst enemy. Nagging internal conflicts that will demand that we now find a new solution, so we can let them go. These are the battles we need to lose.

The current Aries Mercury retrograde - at the crucial point of being conjunct the sun, is our key to making the best of this situation. Pulling out and communicating to us the wisdom of this experience. Retrogrades literally go over old ground, as planets retrace their steps through areas of our chart 3 times. They present the perfect opportunity to work out how something happened, or where something got lost. This gives us chance to take a step outside ourselves, get into witness perspective and just view things from a different angle. Reconsider things. Review, so we can redo.

With the moon representing our emotional needs and sub conscious behavioural patterns, the square to Saturn & Mars this weekend can be experienced through feelings of loneliness, frustration, separation, anger and depression. But, it also gives us the chance to do some inner work and apply some maturity, rationality and strategy around those all too often self-sabotaging reactions that can keep us stuck in a groove, like a scratch on a record that jumps and replays the same tune over and over.

Are you bored of hearing that same old tune now?

The opposition, and therefore the polarity being highlighted here is ME (sun in Aries) vs WE (moon n Libra). The sign of self, ego needs, identity and independence on one side of the scale, and on the other, we have harmony, compromise, relating to others, union. The inner masculine (Aries is ruled by Mars) and inner feminine (Libra is ruled by Venus). As with all these axis - we must come to a place in the middle ground to find the peace that comes with balance.

This lunation asks you to consider where am I at on that scale? How close to centre am I? do I compromise and put the relationship first, sacrificing too much of my own needs? Or is your relationship an afterthought, only taking priority when your personal needs are satisfied? What do you contribute in comparison to what you receive? How can you work together to ensure both parties put in and get out what is needed to make the union healthy? (this can also be business partnership as well as romantic - any committed coming together of 2 people). How close is my partner to their balance point?

Pause beautiful soul. Breathe. Hold space without judgement for what comes up. Observe your inner reaction - what can it tell you? What nerve gets pressed and what could be behind that? It's OK, you are learning. Writing your own operating manual as you go through life and come to know what really works for you. What serves you and allows you to thrive. Be ok with yourself for the old patterns, but if they aren't bringing you what you need, try changing things - adjust the scales.

Could you shift just a little, towards balance? Maybe 10%? Start by considering where you already are and plot the course from there. Practice a small adjustment every day until the old habit (battle) is dissolved and replaced with that which serves you better on your journey to wholeness.

It's time to find a way (Mercury) that will provide (Mars) you (Aries) with the love and harmony (Libra) that brings emotional security (Moon) allowing you to shine at your brightest (Sun) for the longest time (Saturn).

When the war is over, we will find peace.