Samhain and the Supermoon

Samhain and the Supermoon

Tuesday 31st October 2017

The trees may be showering us in their beautifully coloured confetti, the morning air crisp against autumns azure skies, but this Friday/Saturdays Taurus super full moon has a bursting ripeness of spring to it - as though it were pregnant with possibility.

Mother moon, swollen bellied and knowingly glowing in this Venus infused sign that brings us all the blessings of the land and the senses of our bodies, wants to birth for you something beautifully real.

It's time to Feel.

So often we get so caught up in trying to achieve our dreams that we forget what they even are. We confuse our need to feel, happy, healthy, fulfilled and loved, with the stories we are told about what we must do to be able to experience these in our lives. What we must get first. Making peace a state which is perpetually out of reach.

The Scorpio sun is assisting us to melt away these acquired myths that have burrowed their way deep into our being. Truth, wisdom and joy from his current convergence with Jupiter infuse his rays, warming and expanding the blossoming abundance of what lies within us, no matter how well hidden. What is the truth of what you need in the earthly plane? About what you need from outside of yourself and what you have within? What beliefs about these resources are truly yours and what are the wilful manipulations of you needs by our societal reality?

Samhain, or Halloween, was traditionally a time to celebrate our connectedness with the cycles of the natural world. Spend the next few days allowing the answers to flow to you. Connect with nature and with your own body and let them guide you to your own truth.

Gently caress the soft peachy cheek of the present moment. Breathe in the warm sweet smell of your contentment. Be serenaded by the wisdom of the cosmic chorus in your ear. Observe the golden beauty of the changing season before your screen wearied eyes. Savour the flavour of Gaia's milk - let her nourish, so you will flourish.

Switch off your head and connect your senses. Your dream of peace is real now.