The Sky God in the Serpents Lair – Jupiter enters Scorpio 10th October 2017

The Sky God in the Serpents Lair - Jupiter enters Scorpio 10th October 2017

Tuesday 10th October 2017

They say behind every successful man is a woman. Perhaps this explains why Jupiter has no less than 69 moons! Never one to do things small scale - Zeus, the Guru, the truth-seeker, call him what you will, the big benefics' modus operandi IS growth. He expands whatever he touches. He knows wisdom comes with age - the amplification of time, knowledge and experience fused and pulsating, emanating its glorious vision for all who care to pull up a seat in his lecture theatre and make some notes. Like a second sun, our celestial grandfather. His life is that of the adventurer, the great teacher, the questioner of all that is. Or could be. And therefore, also is. For belief and faith are also his domain as ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius.

Today Jupiter continues his great expedition by moving into the sign of Scorpio. Having travelled through Libra for the last year, this is a very different landscape indeed. He has meandered around the pleasant Venusian landscape of harmony and beauty, and will now bring his jovial light to the darker, rockier places. A visit to his brother, Pluto's, kingdom.

12 long years since last he came this way, how can these siblings embrace? With such acute differences in their energies. The time spent in Libra still fresh in his mind. The sweet flowers of her garden, collected and pressed in his journal easing the transition. He has crossed time zones. There is jetlag. He will rest awhile - until the 26th, when he meets with the sun and begins his new cycle. Rested, refreshed and ready to come down to dinner.

Scorpios place in our cosmic landscape represents our shadowlands. Our darkness. That which is hidden, taboo, occulted. From within and without. Individually and collectively. That which we fear to expose to the other but simultaneously seeks complete intimacy. He wants to investigate, penetrate, get right into the depths of your very soul with no fear of what lies within. It is the place where magic dwells, and seductresses cast spells and where shamans beat out a hypnotic primal rhythm, for the snakes to dance and shed their skins of superficiality to. A deeper, secret realm.

This is no time to shrink away beautiful soul - quite the opposite. The year long journey ahead asks that we journey deep within and question what we find there. With the mind of the perpetual student. Are those dark places really shadows to fear or perhaps the dappled shade cast by the tree of knowledge? Or both at the same time? Know thyself. ALL of you. Question the beliefs you have - the stories you have placed your faith in about yourself, and find a wiser truth. A more mature truth. YOUR truth is the only truth. The optimism, hope and luck of Jupiter will help you see things in a warmer, brighter light. Regeneration and transformation are the ultimate goal and great treasure is found only in the darkest caves.

Please get in touch to book a reading and discover your personal mentor! We shall look at Jupiter in your chart and how this transit could unfold for you as we journey together into 2018.