February first quarter moon - Too much of a good thing?

February first quarter moon - Too much of a good thing?

Friday 23rd February 2018

The square aspect in astrology (1 planet creating a 90 degree angle to another) is known for creating tension. Challenge. Irritation. In my opinion wrongly considered a 'bad' or undesirable connection. Of course, none of us actually enjoys feeling irritated, but sometimes that's the best way to get our attention. Attention that needs to be drawn elsewhere, maybe even somewhere we don't really want to look.

Life needs a bit of tension. We need squares to create motivation and push us to bring out our best. As someone once said, "The greater the obstacle, the greater the joy in overcoming it". As I get older I value more and more the opportunity to experience this special kind of joy and the old mindset of resentment for difficulties I've faced turns into true gratitude for the opportunity to experience that joy.

This particular first quarter square in the lunar cycle to me is the perfect example of this. The tense conversation between Sun and Moon, coupled with the same dialogue between the Divine Lovers - Venus and Mars.

It's a matter of give and take.

A few days ago (let's think of this as the 'setup' phase), Venus, recently reborn as the extra sensitive and gentle evening star, exalted in Pisces where she loves most deeply and selflessly, met up in the sky with Neptune. Ruler of Pisces (and therefore also very comfortable in this sign) and master of dreams, imagination, romanticism, and the personal lens through which we view life, Neptune embraced Venus and together they created a most 'ideal' vision of love.

The look of love
Is in your eyes
A look your smile can't disguise
The look of love
It's saying so much more
Than words could every say
And what my heart has heard,
Well, it takes my breath away.

But if there is one thing that astrology teaches us most keenly, it is balance. And that, beautiful souls, is the challenge of this square. As our gorgeous love story unfolded, a square aspect was forming between God and Goddess. A tension. A wakening to find balance.

Mars is currently passing through the sign of Sagittarius - ruled by Jupiter (which coincidently also co-rules Pisces), allows him to take on a slightly more philosophical approach than we would normally associate with the planet of passion and will. He is motivating us toward greater wisdom and knowledge and he wants a little chat with Venus. A lesson in love.

You see, Venus (feminine) is represented by the chalice. She is a vessel and needs to receive to feel complete. The selfless outpouring of love and desire for connection may be oh so natural, but can not go on forever without depleting her.

Mars (Masculine) is represented by the phallus. The giver and that which needs to provide to feel complete. His self-focused drive to acquire and his ability to separate himself in order to do so, will result in isolation, with nobody to provide for, if he goes too far.

Pisces is unboundaried, Venus here must open herself to receive love as well as give. She must learn to look after herself first in order to continue to nurture others.

Sagittarius is expansive, Mars here must learn to give and connect more freely. He must learn to nurture and put others first, to ensure he continues to grow and to have a purposeful life of meaning.

So now we have the Sun (Masculine) in the same square aspect to the Moon (Feminine) too. Solar rationality in heart based Pisces, Lunar emotions in head based Gemini.
How can you find balance between give and take in your life? What areas of your chart are being activated in this phase to awaken you to bring together your own inner Mars and Venus expressions to create a greater sense of completeness?

Mercury is moving closer to Venus as we move through the remainder of this lunar cycle, Infusing her with more a more analytical influence. Allowing us to reflect and process intellectually the emotions brought up at this time. To integrate our lessons into reality.

May you give and receive in equal measure.

Namaste XX