Square pegs in round (Dragon) holes. The time between eclipses. February 7th 2018

Square pegs in round (Dragon) holes. The time between eclipses. February 7th 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018

We often hear the term to get 'centred'. That feeling of being in perfect balance and harmony is a very worthwhile goal indeed. It's coming home - home to our innate sense of peace and calm within - but as with all journeys, If it's been a long time since you visited, you may well have forgotten the route. In my work as an astrologer I assist people in finding this place by teaching about the polarities of energy in their natal chart. The opposing signs/energies and how they need to work together. Literally encouraging my clients closer towards the centre of their own chart (Life). And like any other place we go, the more familiar we are with it, the easier and quicker we can get there.

Each eclipse season invites us to pay particular attention to one specific axis of energy in the chart. Drawing in to focus the opposing forces at play so that we can shift our weight appropriately and find our sweet spot. The space between eclipses, the centre of which we now find ourselves, enhances our ability to perceive, and therefore incorporate, the necessary changes that we need to make. The 'Dragon Hole' as my mentor calls this period of time, (Dragons being the ultimate symbol of transformation), presents us with a thinning of the veil between worlds - a closer connection with the divine and higher states of consciousness which our souls belong to, and our practical human lives here in this incarnation. And so, the communication of necessary adjustments flows more easily and lends real power to the effect these eclipses have on us.

In every reading with a client I try to emphasize that nothing at all is written in stone or 'destined' to be. The Natal chart is not a hard copy of what will 'happen to us' as our lives unfold, as many sadly believe. Rather it shows how you personally are offered a unique range of potentialities, the influence of each being emphasized more or less, and being triggered in different ways at different times.

Through understanding this, we learn to meet the universe halfway. Empowered with the knowledge of our astrological patterns, we become able to co-create our lives. We can, to a greater extent, get out of passenger mode and jump into the drivers seat - getting us to our 'home' that much easier than hoping it will just happen to be a stop along the way.

Of course, there is an element of fate too. Or rather, divine guidance. And eclipses are times when really when there is a fair bit less influence we have on how things play out. Known by many astrologers as 'wildcards', the only thing we can ever say for certain about eclipses is there is less room for our personal free will. Our free will that is so often entrenched in a comfort zone, apathetically drifting under the guise of choice. The choice to not do the necessary work on ourselves and make the changes we need to make in our life journey. Eclipses act as anything from a gentle nudge to a hard kick up the backside to get us back on track. Often pivotal moments that can herald real, in your face and often sudden, change and transformation. When the balance has tipped too far away from our true purpose - our centre. Necessary.
But here, now, in the centre of the space between eclipses, here we have a choice point. 7 days since the full moon Lunar eclipse in Leo and 7 days prior to the new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius.

As those who attend my Lunar Circle know, it's the phase of the moon known as the 'quarter' moon (this being the last or second quarter moon specifically). And it often offers the most powerful provocation for personal input during each cycle. Neglected by the more obvious popularity and excitement of the full and new moons, these times are equally potent.
And this is where we find ourselves now. The Last quarter square. A challenge of our ability to integrate that which came to fruition/culmination at the Total Lunar Eclipse. The goodness and nourishment we need to digest and assimilate into our new being. And the remainder which must pass out. The compost for future growth. Nothing wasted.

This challenge is taking place in the sign of Scorpio. Very much the intestines of our being. And the moon is not too happy here. Here she can give us indigestion. We can see her darker side as she moves through this sign. And thus her light casts our personal shadow writing on the wall.
Read the messages beautiful soul. Take a moment to consider their meaning for you.

Let us consider then this axis, or polarity, of Leo and Aquarius. Where are we being encouraged to find the middle ground?

The answer is the interdependence of self and community and the distortions in the relationship between the two. You see, Leo represents the most authentic expression of our core selves. Not that which society wants us to be. Not that which our cultural narrative, upbringing, politics, religious beliefs and all other manner of conditioning would have us believe is our 'self'. Not the avatar we present to society due to our own insecurities. It's our pure, unashamed, and completely one-of-a-kind, vibration. The self we were as young children constantly in our joyful flow state as we found ways to express ourselves in myriad playful and creative ways. Being.
When Leo isn't expressing at a high frequency though - when the scales are tipped a little too far, this self becomes egotistical, bossy, self-centred in all the wrong ways. A performer, desperate for the spotlight of the stage, in order to gain the validation and gratification of the audience rather than for the joy of sharing his unique talent with them. The relationship becomes co-dependent.

On the other side is the collective. The Aquarian 'tribe'. The structure, sense of belonging and safety offered by the wider family of our societal group or network. All the advantages and joys which come with being supported by and connecting to, the rest of humanity be that locally, nationally, worldwide or more likely these days - all of those.

But do we choose this tribe as a place to hide? Have we become afraid to shine, lost in an increasingly densely populated and 'connected' world that overwhelms us with its demand of who we need to be and the roles we should fulfil in order to be good, right, decent, happy, successful. Enough. Have the needs of the collective turned us from a beautiful, vibrant, unique sovereign being, into......... a number? A cookie cutter civilian, whose house, car, job, clothes, lifestyle, routines etc mimic that of a million others and therefore contributes little, to balance out its consumption. Consumption that requires the cycle to repeat and repeat.

The happy place, (and in my opinion, something we are being called to focus more on in the next 2 to 5 years), is where we as individuals can cooperate with, and play our part to satisfy the needs of, the collective (genuine, natural needs), by being a pure version of ourself in every way that we can. In childlike purity and innocence. Lead by example! Be vulnerable first - everyone else is waiting for you to give them permission to do the same, trust me! Leo is courageous, the original Braveheart. When individuals are happier, healthier and vibrating at a much higher frequency as a result, when we have all found our way home, the collective is lifted so much higher.

Namaste XX