The Gemini Full Supermoon – We need to talk.December 3rd 3.46pm (UK)

The Gemini Full Supermoon - We need to talk.December 3rd 3.46pm (UK)

Wednesday 29th November 2017

If you listen to cosmic dialogue as I do, you will know that there is always something being said. A message trying to get to you. A lifelong song that is being simultaneously composed and performed just for you to accompany you on your journey through life. The lyrics, genre and tempo altering with the shifting scenery.

The song of this cold moon stimulates.

I was fortunate enough to have been picked out of the audience by a Medium recently to receive communication from my loved ones who are no longer in this world. People with the gift to act as these divine translators never cease to amaze me. Nor does the incredible extra power imbued in the simple words and everyday sentences used, the source of which carries them directly to our souls. The validation. The relief, the hope. Imagine if we could all understand that language?

The song of this cold moon wants dialogue.

We are approaching the very Last full moon of 2017. And it's a supermoon. The theme that's coming through loud and clear is communication. The ruler of this Gemini lunation is Mercury, extra potent as he stands still in the sky at that time , before he retraces his steps backwards and we head into another retrograde. He finds his stillness at the galactic centre - This is a time to consider. what is my soul saying?


Cut out the background din and go within.

This isn't your ego, or your mind or your emotions.


However it is that you 'speak'

Give wings to the words caged in your being.

They were born to be heard.

Mother Moon is acting as our own private medium. Helping us receive the dialect of your own evolution. How will you reply Beautiful soul?


There is an aspect to this moon which may reveal more than you are initially comfortable with. Trust the power of this clarification, it is meant to set you right for the new year. My favourite method to release these caged words, which take the form of supressed emotions and thoughts, old wounds and traumas that no longer serve our growth, is by using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and this weekend would be the perfect opportunity to practice this simple but powerful technique. Here is a link to a tutorial video for those who aren't familiar with the practice or those who need a little reminder. (and a little musical backdrop to my article which seems fitting).