The Scorpio new moon - Let go and let God.

The Scorpio new moon - Let go and let God.

Thursday 16th November 2017

The wisdom of astrology so often blows me away. Take for instance the order of the signs as we move through the zodiac. There is nothing random here - the gifts of each sign build on the last in a beautifully choreographed dance of evolution.

This weekends' new moon offers us a chance to witness this perfectly. As I write this, the moon has just entered Scorpio where she will complete her waning phase on the morning of the 18th. The new moon. She has such power now, power to take away with her that which is no longer needed in your life. Power to remove that which holds you back from your intended path.

Can you surrender? Are you willing to let go?

Big questions for Scorpio.

There is a frustrating energy that has been building. There are many planets currently in signs that do not allow them to express their qualities as fully as they would wish. Making us feel held back in some way. Penned in by an invisible force.

Added to this, the two rulers of Scorpio (and therefore this moon) - Mars and Pluto are in a challenging aspect and this becomes exact at the peak of the new moon. These planets express our will, our personal power, our force, our determination and they are generating an air of tension between them. Here in the sign emotional crisis. They will act like the grain of sand that irritates you. Rubbing against your tender soul.

But the grain is a pearl in the making. If you choose.

There must be a death for a rebirth to happen. You must be prepared to look deep and find what needs to be released within you and this irritation will help. It will ensure you do not shy away. Like a nagging pestering force it will keep your attention where it wants. This is a time to witness and not react. Be with your annoyance and see what lessons it is trying to communicate through these powerful feelings. Then you will know.

Then you can give that up to our beautiful moon and ask her to carry it away with her as she continues to disappear from view. And then rest. Breath. The dark sky left behind is when we pause our work and just be. In breathwork this is called Kumbhaka - the space between the exhalation and following inhalation and is it very important. We must stop our efforts. Let go of doing and create space for the magic to happen.

This moon is asking us to make room.

Because on the 20th there are great possibilities that are waiting to find their new home in you. If there is space for them to move into.
You see Scorpio asks us to transform, at the deepest level. It brings us crisis so that we can go deep within and experience regeneration. This must take place first before we move into the next sign - Sagittarius for there we find the truth seeker, higher wisdom, expansion and philosophy. We become our own guru from having moved through the death and rebirth of the previous sign.

On Monday, the now waxing moon is moving through Sagittarius and meets with Saturn - the planet that can create real, tangible, lasting results, and this meeting happens right at the Galactic Centre - the womb of our universe and source of incredible knowledge and power. In perfect harmonious contact with Uranus, which offers us sudden breakthroughs and flashes of divine inspiration and originality AND the same trine aspect to the North Node - our destiny. What a stunning opportunity for us to manifest something truly incredible!

Our pearl awaits. A true pearl of wisdom.

This lunation brings to mind for me the story of Arun Ralston. A mountain climber who's arm became trapped by a boulder. Slowly dying and unable to free himself any other way, Arun was forced to amputate his own arm with a small dull knife in order to go on living. He is now a well known author and motivational speaker.

To summarise. Use the time between now and the morning of the 18th to go within, listen to your emotions and determine what needs to be let go of in order to move forward. If you know the house that Scorpio occupies in your chart all the better. On the 18th - the peak of the new moon just be. Rest. Let the universe take over for a while. As of the evening of the 19th - and especially on the 20th you can start manifestation work - calling in what you need to grow and expand. Ideally do this through meditation or getting into 'flow state' however is best for you. FEEL that you have become and achieved all you want as though it has already happened.

Namaste beautiful souls X