Winter Solstice 2017. Bread of Heaven.

Winter Solstice 2017. Bread of Heaven.

Tuesday 19th December 2017

Art - 'Galactic Centre' by local artist Andy Juan (see below)

Theme: A party at the Galactic Centre! Saturn, Sun, Moon and Venus in the late degrees of Sagittarius. Trine Uranus in Aries. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius.

Saturn has taken us on a trip far from home. Into foreign, mystical lands. In order to give us a higher kind of education. A 3-year field trip. Building our philosophical and experiential muscle. Testing our higher minds and core beliefs. Exposing us to the new and asking us to consider how that blends with the old. Our old. At the solstice he returns home. Back to Capricorn where he feels oh so comfortable. As when we return from a long trip, however wonderful it was, the joys of the familiar bring such a great sense of positive flow. Here we are masters of the language, the culture, the environment. So here we can operate more easily. And so does he.

Saturn has great power here. You may feel his presence as he ingresses this sign.

The earth sign of Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn, have some pretty special qualities. They aim to make stuff REAL. I'm talking, physical, tangible, tasteable, 3 dimensional, solid, stuff. He's bringing the mind expansion, dreams and beliefs we have conjured up in Sagittarius into a sign where these things can actually come into being in our day to day lives. Everything starts with an idea. But here they are put into production.

Easily? Not necessarily. Nothing worth having comes easy, but worth the effort he will expect? Damn right. So worth it. Because it will last. Endure. Its reliability and consistency repeatedly tested and tried to ensure its worthy of you, Beautiful Soul. He wants the best for you. That which will serve you and you can depend upon wholeheartedly. Like things used to be made. True craftsmanship not factory-in-China-bought-off-Amazon-stuff. Quality stuff that takes work. Time. Dedication. Anything else will fall away. Saturn removes what doesn't serve you. Higher you.

The current retrograde of mercury back through Sagittarius has been asking us to consider and reflect upon the teachings Saturn has been bringing us in this area of life, since he moved here on Christmas eve 2014. The conclusion chapter of this Jupiterian book. Our own personal 'Revelations'. Momentarily magnified by the new moon. The messages of the universe have reached a super-synapse in our human grey matter. Right at the galactic centre - womb of our consciousness. Birthplace of our universe. Suped up by Uranus. Have you felt the electrical jolt Beautiful Soul?

Now we are taking our most important, final steps of this journey. The integration process of our journey. Refining the wisdom gained. Unpacking our scholarly attainments, far flung recipes and reminders of the joy of difference and adventure and working it all into our being.

For the next two days, take stock of your galactic gatherings. The fruits of this harvest of the higher self. Thrash the grain from the chaff. Because we must prepare. Saturn wants strategy.

At solstice we fire up the ovens. As the days now get longer and our thoughts turn to productivity. Calling in the increasing heat of the sun to slowly, gently prove the dough and then bake the bread of our own personal spiritual and material nourishment. Capricorn, blend of whale and goat, spirit and body, heaven and earth. Dreams become reality. Like master bakers of our own destiny we need to follow the steps carefully. We must not rush or skip steps. Discipline. Patience. And a whole heap of RTFI (Read the fucking instructions!). That is how we please Saturn. How we co-create the best possible outcome. The perfect warm fresh, slow baked loaf. Done the traditional way.

A simple, lasting, nourishing and oh so pleasurable reward.

Food for thought Beautiful soul. Namaste X

Every good teacher knows the importance of keeping the mind of the perpetual student himself. And Saturn knows this - revisiting the same topic every 7 years from a different angle. If you would like guidance on the area of your life covered by this transit and how it relates to the whole Saturn cycle in your chart then please get in touch and book a reading with me!

With great thanks to Andy Juan, a member of my Lunar Circle and an enthusiastic student of Astrology, for the AMAZING piece of art shown above which has been in production throughout this time. Please get in touch with Andy here if you like his work: